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Lost Planet of the Gods - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

The episode starts with a celebration, the Adama family plus Starbuck are celebrating Capt. Apollo's impending marriage to Serena. Boxey seems with the marriage.

Apollo and Starbuck are tasked with investigating a void ahead of the fleet whilst Jolly and Lieutenant Boomer are on a rocky planet discover a Cylon base on the planet and return. Bypassing the norma quarantine regulations, Jolly and Boomer join the rest of the Colonial soldiers for the stag night. However the colonial pilots begin getting ill and are quarantined.

Commander Adama initiates a new programme to train new pilots whilst the current pilots are currently out of action. Much to Apollo's annoyance, Serina has signed up to the programme.

Count Baltar gets his own Cylon Basestar to follow the Galactica crew. When he finds the armada, he doesn't attack but stays out of the radars to see what the crew are doing. Lucifer seems intrigued by Baltar thinking he'll learn a lot from his new master.

Part 2

With Boomer and the rest of the Colonial Viper pilots ill, it is up to Apollo and Starbuck to look after the Armada along with the rookie female pilots. It is a time of celebration to start with as Apollo and Serena are wedded. At the wedding, Col. Tigh spots a star that was prophecised to be Kobol and then lead the way to Earth.

Apollo and Serena are required to investigate an object that keeps appearing on the radar and then disappearing. However, Starbuck takes their place with unfortunate consequence as Starbuck is captured by a Cylon squadron and taken before Count Baltar. Baltar welcomes Starbuck as a guest.

The planet is a deserted desert planet with monuments similar to ancient Egyptians including pyramids and the Sphinx. Adama, Starbuck and Serena enter a temple to investigate and research their journey. The three are greeted inside by Count Baltar who offers friendship and a way to attack the Cylons once and for all. Commander Adama launches an attack on Baltar but is held off by his son.

Starbuck joins the reset of the camp on the planet having escaped from the planet easily. The Cylons launch a devastating attack on the base. The temple which the Commander was in collapses and traps Baltar. Despite efforts to rescue Baltar, the Colonials give in and leave. As they leave, Serena is shot in the back by a Cylon Centurion.

Boomer and the rest of the ill soldiers recuperate and join the defence of the Kobol camp.

Powerless despite all their best technology, nothing can be done to save Serena as she dies in a hospital bed leaving Apollo look after Boxey.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeThe Long Patrol

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