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Andromeda - Machinery of the Mind

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant arrives at the planet of Galena where Seamus Harper is to present a speech at the conference on the threat from the Magog. The crew discover that a professor who was to make a speech at the conference has disappeared.

The Ascendant is visited by baliffs from the Commonwealth High Guard who take Captain Dylan Hunt away with them leaving Beka Valentine in charge and looking after the ship with Telemachus Rhade.

On Galena, professors and speech makers begin disappearing. When one of the first to speak dies on the podium, it is Trance Gemini who carries out the investigation of the body. Seamus gets close to Doctor Professor Kor-Kavo, a tall red haired conference speaker. Seamus becomes blinded by Kor-Kavo's beauty and fails to see the evil in her especially when they are left alone and Kor-Kavo attacks Seamus. Earlier, Kor-Kavo faked an assault on her which had lulled Seamus in to a false sense of security.

Dylan is taken to a base where he is interrogated by Collectors who want Dylan to join them. Eventually, Dylan manages to escape and discovers the missing scientist. Dylan nearly manages to escape but is held by the Collectors but is rescued when Beka and Telemachus arrive. Dylan contacts Seamus and tells him to how to reveal the speech saboteur who it turns out is Kor-Kavo.

The episode featured Grace Park who is better known for her role as Lt. Sharon Valerii from the Battlestar Galactica series.

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