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Mad To Be Saved - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant comes to the rescue of a freighter being fired on by unknown assailants. When the freighter is brought onboard the Ascendant, Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi go onto the freighter and discover people are in need of oxygen and duly provide them with limited oxygen till they can get off. Those onboard are all wearing yellow jumpsuits. They have come from Gallifron, a cruel world led by a dictator.

The crew of the Ascendant try to accommodate the refugees. All the refugees are acting like children except one Angelika. Its later determined that they've been tortured and coerced into being like children. All the members of the crew of the Andromeda have difficulty with one or other of the group. Tyr Ansazi has to deal with a person who shows off his fighting. Seamus has to deal with someone with an electric saw who wants to make a puzzle. Beka Valentine has to deal with someone who got on her Eureka Maru.

The group kidnap Seamus Harper forcing Tyr Anasazi to go in and rescue him. Unfortunately, Tyr gets captured and tortured instead. Rommie reveals that wanted Doctor Yanomani from Gallifron could be amongst them pretending to be a victim. Dylan goes into rescue Tyr Anasazi and discover who is the doctor. Dylan discovers the identity of the Doctor when the Doctor's mask is removed.

The Doctor is put into brig who then reveals he's highly valued by The Commonwealth and therefore mustn't come to harm. Seamus discovers that the patients might hold the key to knowledge that the Commonwealth require. Rommie and Trance Gemini carry out non-evasive search of the information in the refugees memory. They discover the information that the Commonwealth want and therefore the Doctor is no longer highly valuable to the Commonwealth.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeThe Shards Of Rimni
Next EpisodeCui Bono

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