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Farscape - Meltdown

Epsiode Synopsis

Following on from Relativity, Crais doesn't kill Xhalax Sun, instead bargains with her to get back into the Peacekeeper corp if he lets her live. He also wants Aeryn and is willing to give Crichton to the Peacekeepers if needs be. Back onboard the Talyn, they are drawn in towards a star and have no control over it. As they approach, an alien appears on deck, he says he lives in the star and that the Leviathan must leave, 83 Leviathan have died here. The crew don't take nicely to him and get him to leave. Another alien, more human like than before arrives onboard the ship, she can only be seen by Stark. He promises her that he will protect her from whoever is holding her against her will. The crew start to act oddly, Aeryn Sun and John Crichton are finding it hard to keep their hands off one another whilst dealing with the crisis. Stark is pulled inside Talyn lower chambers and becomes the ships Pilot. When the crew suceed in changing the course that the ship is going in, the female alien that Stark sees disappears. Distraught at what has happened, Stark turns the ship back round and heads back at the star. The crew try to access Stark to change his mind again. The female alien returns and begs Stark to escape. The male alien also returns and says that now it is too late for the Leviathan, its his. Crais orders Talyn to shoot to kill the male creature who obeys. Once the male alien is killed, Stark uses his light face and sends the female into the next life. Stark turns Talyn round and heads off.

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