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Farscape - Mental as Anything

Epsiode Synopsis

Scorpius takes Captain Ka Dargo, John Crichton and Dominar Rygel XVI to an Anti-Scarran training centre. It is hoped that once there, they will under go training to make them immune from the Scarran brain attack methods. Once there D'argo meets his brother-in-law who accused D'argo of killing D'argo's wife. Whilst he would like to kill him, he is prevented from doing so by both Crichton and the training coordinator. Crichton is put in a small cell where most of the floor is a grid under which is hot coals. Every so often, a key to unlock the cell door drops through the ceiling and into the hot coals. After failing to meet his brother in law in the real world, D'argo faces him in a virtual training machine where D'argo finds the truth and leaves. The brother-in-law is put into a state of mind where he cannot escape from the virutal world.

Copyright: Henson

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