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Farscape - Mental as Anything

Epsiode Synopsis

Scorpius takes Captain Ka Dargo, John Crichton and Dominar Rygel XVI to an Anti-Scarran training centre. It is hoped that once there, they will under go training to make them immune from the Scarran brain attack methods. Once there D`argo meets his brother-in-law who accused D`argo of killing D`argo`s wife. Whilst he would like to kill him, he is prevented from doing so by both Crichton and the training coordinator. Crichton is put in a small cell where most of the floor is a grid under which is hot coals. Every so often, a key to unlock the cell door drops through the ceiling and into the hot coals. After failing to meet his brother in law in the real world, D`argo faces him in a virtual training machine where D`argo finds the truth and leaves. The brother-in-law is put into a state of mind where he cannot escape from the virutal world.

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Commandant Mele-On GrayzaJack CrichtonJoolushko Tunai Fenta HovalisPau Zotoh ZhaanPilot
Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi ShanuStarkUtu-Noranti Pralatong  

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