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Mind the Baby - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

John Crichton and Captain Ka Dargo are hiding out on an asteroid whilst Dominar Rygel XVI , Chiana and Pau Zotoh Zhaan are onboard the Moya. Aeryn is helping Crais to keep control of Talyn, Moya's son. Aeryn joins the two men on the asteroid where she reveals who's helped her to get where she is now. The other two are none too pleased. After a game of Paper, Scissors and Stone, John goes to deal with the threat that Crais poses onboard the war Leviathan. After a fight, John manages to captiure Crais and take him back to a holding cell onboard Moya. Once the whole crew is reunited back on Moya, Talyn starts to issue threats with regards to Crais. As Moya has nothing to defend herself against Talyn, they decide to give Crais back to Talyn. Aeryn goes along in the hope that Crais shares command of Talyn once they are onboard. Talyn has other ideas and plants a neural transmitter in Crais spine. This allows direct sebacean -> Leviathan communication which Aeryn Sun does not like. After a fight between the two ex-Peacekeepers, Aeryn retreats as Scorpius' battle cruiser arrives. Much to every ones surprise, Talyn is able to starburst out of the area which Moya does to.

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeVitas Mortis

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