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Murder on the Rising Sun - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

After a bad tempered Triag game involving Capt. Apollo and Lieutenant Stabuck where the Starbuck and Flight Sargeant Ortega are sent off, Fl. Sgt. Ortega is found dead in the changing room. Lieutenant Starbuck is the prime suspect especially when he is seen running away from near the murder scene. Starbuck is arrested and an Opposer (Prosecutor) is assigned to the murder investigation.

It doesn't go well when Starbucks weapon matches that of the murder and so is incarcerated in the prison block. Capt. Apollo puts his name forward to be Starbuck's Protector (Defence Lawyer) even though he never finished law school. Commander Adama agrees that he will allow Apollo to be the Protector.

Apollo with Lieutenant Boomer questions Ortega's team mate and are rewarded with a name, Karibdis but no one knows who he is. Commander Adama reveals that Karibdis was a traitor who was responsible for the deaths of many during the Cylon attack. No one knows who he looks like except Count Baltar.

Starbuck escapes from the prison and makes his way to the Colonial Viper flight deck and climbs in a Viper. Capt. Apollo confronts Starbuck on the flight deck and manages to persuade him to change his mind.

Apollo and Boomer visit the Rising Sun craft where they arrest three people including the person who found the body. The three people are not who they say they are, they all bribed Ortega to get onto the survivor crafts. Apollo has a plan and he tells the three people he's arrested that they've found Karibdus and when they reach the Battlestar Galactica, they release those arrested. Apollo waits for someone to sneak back onto the craft before he leaves the Galactica to return to the prison craft to pick up Count Baltar. On the journey back to the Galactica after picking up Baltar, Karibdus makes him self known and tries to shoot Apollo but Count Baltar prevents the killing.

On the Galactica, the tribunal of Starbuck has began with Boomer now. After the Opposer has given his evidence, Boomer begins his and plays what is happening on the craft where Apollo is confronting Karibdus. Starbuck is released as a free man.

At the end of the programme is another Triag game with Starbuck and Apollo against Boomer and one other person, watched on by Adama, Cassiopeia and a standing crowd of supporters. Ortega was played Frank Ashmore who made his name playing the Visitor traitor, Martin in the sci-fi series V.

Episode Details

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