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Star Trek - Voyager - Muse

Epsiode Synopsis

On a planet where the technology matches that of Earth during the medieval period, a theatre is acting out the story of Belanna Torres and Tom Paris. Once the play has finished, the chief asks for more on the story. The playwright returns to the downed Delta Flyter where he is holding Belanna prisoner. He offers her freedom if she tells him more of the story. Belanna agrees and while she repairs the ship, she tells him more of the story. He changes the story so it is more of a romance story than true life. He manages to persuade Belanna to come with him to the village which she eventually agrees to. When she returns to her craft, she meets up with Harry Kim who had ejected from the craft as it came into land. They manage to send a signal to Voyager and get rescued.

Copyright: Paramount

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