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Andromeda - Music of a Distant Drum

Epsiode Synopsis

A woman and her step-son are doing their daily chores when they see a space ship crash nearby. The woman goes to investigate and gets onboard the craft which turns out to be the Eureka Maru. The only person on the ship is Tyr Anasazi who can't remember who he is. Throughout the episode, he has flashbacks but nothing that will give him an identity.

Onboard the Andromeda Ascendant, Dylan Hunt and Rebekah Valentine try to work out what has happened to their colleague Tyr Anasazi.

The teenage boy is sceptical of Tyr and points a gun at Tyr when Tyr is asleep but Tyr wakes up and disarms the boy. Later on, the teenager is grateful that Tyr has come to help them. The house that they are in is attacked by the local thugs but Tyr is able to disarm the thugs and send them on their way.

Another ship lands whilst Tyr is at the Eureka Maru trying to open a large storage box but as he can't remember the code word so he decides to not go through with opening the box. The nietzscheans from the second craft to arrive on the planet enter the Eureka Maru but Tyr is able to disarm and beat the invaders. The Nietzscheans are from the Drago-Kazov Pride, not a tribe that is friendly towards the Kodiak pride that Tyr is a member of. Tyr forces the leader of the Kazov to carry a large object from the space ship on his back through the woods and then takes it off him when the Nietzschean can't move anymore.

Tyr takes his large object to a cave and leaves it there. On the way back to the woman's house, he comes into contact with the Kazov Pride and is forced to jump off a cliff into the water. The woman who sheltered him earlier picks up Tyr in a boat and takes him back to the house. Tyr's told to stay put but when he hears someone call for help, he goes to the house and comes face to face with the Pride. He won't tell the Kazov where the case is but he'll shown them where it is.

Tyr takes the Kazov to the cave where he is able to distract and disable the first group of Nietzscheans. During the fight, Tyr remembers who he is, Tyr Anasazi out of Victoria by Barbarossa. The second team move in and plan to blow up the entrance and pump it with nerve gas but they are prevented from doing so by Dylan Hunt and Rebekah Valentine who turn up.

Tyr is left alone with the object where he manages to remember the password for the case and opens it. Inside is the mummified remains of Drago Museveni, the first Nietzschean.

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