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Farscape - My Three Crichtons

Epsiode Synopsis

Moya is chased by an energy field which manages to get aboard the Leviathan. It hovers over John Crichtons head and when Aeryn Sun shoots it, it expands and completely surrounds him. After a short while, a hairy creature jumps out and runs off. This is followed by John. The crew track down the creature. Whilst they do this, another being exits the sphere, a bald alien. Chiana find the hairy creature and realises it is a version of John and tries to befriend it which she suceeds. When the craft is faced with an incident, John comes up with a solution but the bald creature tells him a better way. The creatures method works and they survive for now. The sphere communicates with the crew stating that it wants one of the three Crichtons that escaped it. The bald version suggest giving the hairy version but the version we know doesn't want to give anyone. The hairy version which is a neathanderal version of John hides whilst current and future Johns come up with a plan. the future John doesn't want to go himself but does want one of the three to go. In the end, the old version knocks out the future Crichton and walks into the sphere which then leaves.

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