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Natural Election - Farscape

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John Crichton has assembled the crew of Moya at the bridge as he predicts a wormhole will open in front of the ship. After a few minutes waiting over the predicted time, the wormhole opens. After a short time, the lights outside go off and they soon realise that something has attached itself to the outside of the Leviathan.

The item attached to the outside of the Leviathan is a space plant that was attracted to Moya at the same time as the wormhole opened. The atmosphere created by the plant affects a number of the crew members forcing them to wearing breathing and vision apparatus.

When Scorpius announces there is a fire in his cell, Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu is the first to respond but her actions annoy Chiana who attacks Sikozu. Chiana accuses Scorpius of starting the fire but Scorpius points out that a fire down the corridor couldn't have been stated by him as he was not able to from his cell.

Captain Ka Dargo and Crichton take to D'argo's flyer and break through the skins to the outside of the vehicle. D'argo fires a bolt of weaponry at the plant which seems to antagonise the plant. Inside the craft Utu-Noranti Pralatong and Sikozu had come to the same conclusion about the plant life hurting Moya more when its in pain.

Scorpius reveals that the plant life is allergic to him and that whenever Scorpius gets close to the plant, the plant withdraws. Crichton takes Scorpius to Pilot so that he can ward off any plant that might try to hurt Pilot. Crichton collects up Scorpius head collant and tells Noranti and Sikozu to come up with a way to water the chemical down to use against the plant. In the end, the two female scientists discover the active ingredient that the plant is alllergic to and the Leviathan is flushed with the chemical.

D'argo takes Aeryn Sun, Noranti and Sikozu out of Moya on board his craft whilst Crichton, Chiana and Dominar Rygel XVI fill the entire craft with the chemical that the plant is allergic to and ignite it. Scorpius is forced to be just a bystanding whilst the operation takes place.

Once the plant has been destroyed, the crew assemble on the ships deck and elect Ka D'argo as the ship's captain by four votes to one for most of the others.

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