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Nerve - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Aeryn Sun is injured and if she doesn't get a transplant then she's going to die. She has to receive it from a genetically identical person and no one on the ship is a fit for it.... The nearest sebacean base is Gammak base on the moon of a Gas Giant. John Crichton's plan is to sneak into the base pretending to be Larroq, a peacekeeper killed in the previous episode. Chiana got Larroq identity badge and is going with him to help him out. Getting into the base is no problem, getting into the bar is no problem, getting the necessary life saving material is no problem. The problem comes on the way out when his capture is ordered by Scorpius. During the harvesting of the material, he's helped by Gilina, the PK Tech Girl who John met earlier. John is submitted to the Aurora Chair, a memory examination tool. The base commander is Scorpius who introduces himself once John is on the chair.... After rummaging through some of the memory, he finds that Crais is after John so he requests his presence. During the interrogations, John is held in a basic cell where he meets Stark, the Banik Slave. Whilst in the cell, Gilina is able to communicate with John who tells her where the material required to save Aeryns life is. The information is passed onto Chiana who retrieves it then takes it back to Moya after despatching a senior base officer on the way out. The interrogations continue....

Episode Details

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Next EpisodeThe Hidden Memory

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