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No Exit - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

This episode features the return of Ellen Tigh and we find more out about the Cylons. After she was killed by her husband Col. Saul Tigh, Ellen resurrected aboard a Cylon Basestar and was greeted by a John Cavill clone. For the next eighteen months, they would talk and we'd find out more about the Cylon models. It would seem that Ellen is a creator of the Cylon models where there are multiple copies of them along with the other single models. There's talk of Daniel, one of the Cylon models that was killed off.

Commander William Adama and Senior Chief Petty Officer Galen Tyrol inspect the ship and notice a lot of hairline cracks and that the Battlestar is in need of repair. Adama instructs Tyrol to get on with the repairs and only use humans which hits a nerve because he's a Cylon model.

Samuel Anders has his head shaved off and is about to undergo brain surgery to remove the bullet in his head that he received during the mutiny. Samuel starts to remember the history of the Cylons and how they came from the thirteenth colony. He talks about them being the reason why the first war between the colonists and the humans came to an end and how the five models were able to help the others create the skin jobs.

The episode ends with Ellen Tigh and Lieutenant Sharon Valerii escaping from a Cylon Basestar because of what John had planned for Ellen and it wasn't going to be nice.

Episode Details

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