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/ Star Trek - Voyager / Portal

Star Trek - Voyager - Nothing Human

Epsiode Synopsis

USS Voyager is hit by an information energy wave which uploads a lot new information including an unrecognisable media message. Voyager eventually comes across a damaged alien vessel and when B'elanna Torres goes across, she is attacked by a non-humanoid alien life form. The Doctor has to find a way to disable the alien life form and turns to the memory banks of the computer and selects Crell Mosset, a Cardassian scientist for the help.

The Doctor begins work with the hologram to remove the alien life form from B'elanna Torres. Whilst working in the holodeck, Ensign Tabor, a Bajoran enters and tells the truth about Crell. The Doctor is conflicted with his desire to help and what he sees as a monster. Captain Kathryn Janeway tells the Doctr to proceed and save B'elanna.

An alien space ship arrives and removes the alien life form from B'elanna who then wakes up. With knowledge of the cruelty of Crell, the Doctor deletes the information about Crell and leaves the holodeck.

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