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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Once More Unto the Breach

Epsiode Synopsis

Venerable Klingon warrior Kor visits Ambassador Worf onboard Deep Space Nine to ask for a commission so that he may die as a warrior in battle. What Worf does not know is that Kor has made many enemies including that with General Martok, a senior Klingon who was once turned down by Kor for a commission . Kor is given a commission on Martoks ship as a third officer on I.K.S. Rotarran.

As Kor is a senior respected warrior, he is respected and idolised by the crew of the Rotarran much to Martok's annoyance. During a mission away from Deep Space Nine, the Rotarran is attacked by Jem Hadar and Martok and Worf are incapacitated. Kor assumes command but his memory is getting worse and thinks the Klingon Empire is still at war with the Federation.

It doesn't look good for the Rotarran with Kor in charge. However before Kor can cause damage, Martok awakens but he is unable to prevent Kor. Worf awakens and prevents Martok from killing Kor and relieves Kor of command. More Jem Hadar craft attack and Worf decides to lead a suicide mission to save the craft but Kor takes Worfs place instead and pilots his ship into the attacking Jem Hadar, destroying the Dominion crafts and allowing Rotarran to escape.

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