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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - One Little Ship

Epsiode Synopsis

Dr. Julian Bashir, Lt. Jadzia Dax and Chief Miles OBrien are onboard the Runabout U.S.S. Rubicon NCC-72936 when they go into a subspace anomaly which will inevitably shrink their craft. Captain Benjamin Sisko is monitoring what is happening onboard the USS Defiant - NX-74205. The anomaly causes the Defiant not to know that the Jem Hadar have crept up on and boarded the Defiant. The communications link between the two crafts is severed.

The crew in the Rubicon realise their craft has shrunk and use it to their advantage and sneak into the Defiant where they use their size to beam into the ships computers to cause a diversion. Using the diversion, Captain Benjamin Sisko is able to overpower the Jem Hadar. The Rubicon crew return to their craft and theorize that the way they can get back to their normal size is to go back through the anomaly. The theory works and the Rubicon returns to size.

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Associated Characters

Ambassador WorfChief Miles OBrienCol. Kira NerysConstable OdoDr. Julian Bashir
Elim GarakGul DukatJake SiskoLt. Ezri DaxLt. Jadzia Dax

Associated Planets

Cardassia Prime    

Associated Aliens


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