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Ouroboros - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

Ouroboros is one of the pivotal episodes of the entire series run. Its where things change, for better or for worse, I'll let you decide. Rommie has changed her look, she now has blue highlights in her hair whereas previously it was all one colour.

After watching a good bye message from Rev Bem, Seamus is desperate to get the Magog larvae eggs out of his stomach. Seamus Harper calls upon his Perseids friend Hohne. Hohne was last seen in Into The Labyrinth where Seamus was nearly tricked by Satrina in giving her commonwealth intelligence.

Seamus has a plan to remove the eggs by building a tesseract machine. Things don't go to plan as the Andromeda Ascendant starts experiencing temporal anomalies. When a crew member such as Tyr Anasazi walks into another part of the ship, he ends up being somewhere else.

When Dylan Hunt jumps down a ladder shaft, he ends up on many floors below than what he should. Dylan experiences seeing his old crew members again but is not in a position to help. It is at this point that Dylan and Rommie discover things are going wrong as Dylan has seemingly ported to somewhere else from where he should be.

During one anomaly, Seamus, Hohne and another Perseid call into the engine room and Hohne dies by falling into the engines despite Seamus trying in vain to save him.

The ship is attacked by Kalderans, an event that has not happened yet which serves as a spoiler to their future. When Rebekah Valentine is under attack from Kaldarens, Rebekah is surprised to see who her rescuer is, it is her future self. the future Rebekah has short red hair and wears an eye patch. Rebekah is not the only person to see a future version of themselves, Trance Gemini comes across her future self. The future Trance Gemini is caucasian with red dreadlocks for hair and has cleavage unlike the purple version. The red Trance and the purple Trance swap places with purple Trance going into the future.

Rommie works out a way in which to get to their target location to turn off the Tesseract machine. Rommie suggest that by walking in the opposite direction of the way they want to go they will get to where they really want to go. The plan works and eventually everyone makes it to Workshop 17 where they deliberate over whether to turn off the machine or not. If they leave the machine off, Hohne comes back alive and Seamus dies. If the machine is turned on, Seamus lives and Hohne stays dead. Whilst debating their choices, Trance Gemini turns on the machine. The machine removes the Magog larvae from Seamus and then all the anomalies end.

Dylan Hunt discusses with Trance Gemini over what to do next with her. After discussing, Dylan leaves it as it is with Red Trance becoming a member of the crew.

Ouroboros is an ancient symbol that shows a snake eatings it tail in the shape of a ring. It is meant to represent the cycle of birth, life and death going round an round. The name originates from Greek where it means oura (tail) and boros (eating) therefore he who eats himself. ref: CrystalLinks

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