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Out of Their Minds - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

In order to prevent Moya being shot at by a Halosian ship, Pau Zotoh Zhaan visits the craft. Onboard is a lone alien who appears near dead but springs back to life when Zhaan says that Moya is unarmed. The Halosians look like Skesis from Henson's Eighties film 'The Dark Crystal'. The Halosians fire at Moya whose shields are at 66%. When the ship is hit, rather than destroy the ship, it causes the crew to swap bodies, Dominar Rygel XVI enters Critchtons body, John enters Aeryn Sun and Aeryn becomes Rygel. Captain Ka Dargo becomes Pilot who becomes Chiana who becomes D'argo. Cue all forms of confusion as Chiana forgetting who she is, tries to hit it off with John Crichton, Pilot ( D'argo ) threatens the Halosians completely out of character which amazes Zhaan who listens in on the conversation. Zhaan persuades the captain of the Halosians to visit Moya and accept that Moya is peaceful. It becomes clear, the Halosians are attacking Moya as they believe it is Talyn. When the Halosian captain visits Moya, Rygel has to do a good impersonation of John in order to survive. John, just can't resist and plays about with Aeryn's body but is caught out. Whilst John/Rygel takes the Halosian round, the guest is sick and regutiates a red jelly. The Halosian returns back to his craft and fires again. This time, they swap places yet again. John becomes Rygel and so on. Pilot in the other body is unable to walk and finds it difficult to survive. Onboard the Halosian ship, Zhaan finds out the truth of Talyn attack in that he was only defending himself. Zhaan persuades the second in command Halosian to rise up and take control of the ship which she does. After Zhaan's request to back down falls on deaf ears, Zhaan takes matters into her own hands and attacks Halosian. When she's begged to fire on Moya again, she can't understand but goes ahead with it. The ensuing attack causes the crew to return to their own bodies.

Episode Details

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