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Star Trek - Deep Space Nine - Past Prologue

Epsiode Synopsis

Odo recognises someone in the bar and has an altercation before Sisko arrives to bring it to an end. The man it turns out is a Bajoran criminal who he had arrested in the past. Later the man is killed in a hologram suite and so Odo begins an investigation.

Keiko O`Briens ponders what she can do for work, not much for a botanist before deciding on being a teacher for the stations nine children. Dr. Bashir tries to but fails to get close to Dax. Odo is taken off the case because he has a personal connection to the case.

It later transpires that the victim is a clone of the actual criminal which explains how only one strand of DNA was found in the hologram room.

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Associated Characters

Ambassador WorfCaptain Benjamin SiskoChief Miles OBrienCol. Kira NerysConstable Odo
Dr. Julian BashirElim GarakGul DukatJake SiskoLt. Ezri Dax
Lt. Jadzia DaxQuark   

Associated Planets

Cardassia Prime    

Associated Aliens

ChangelingJem HadarTrill  

Associated Spaceships

Deep Space NineUSS Defiant - NX-74205   

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