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Battlestar Galactica - Pegasus

Epsiode Synopsis

Galactica's ship's scanners detect an unknown ship on its scanners. Vipers are despatched to investigate. Once contact is made between the two ships, it transpires it is the Battlestar Pegasus. The Pegasus was in a Scorpion dockyard when the attack happened. They left the solar system and have been raiding Cylon crafts ever since for supplies. Admiral Helena Cain takes control of the fleet because of her superior rank. Adama seems resigned to this but probably a little disheartened. Frictions start appearing between the two crews. Dr. Gaius Baltar is taken aboard the Pegasus and introduced to their captive, a Number Six clone. The Clone is badly beaten up. Pegasus interrogators are introduced to Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ).

Cain reassigns Lee Adama and Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) to the Pegasus as Cain thinks that the crew of the Battlestar Galactica 2003 has grown too close and that their professionalism has been impeded.

Cpl. Tyrol and Lt. Helo are in the mess hall with Pegasus members who chat about what could happen to Lt. Sharon Valerii ( Boomer ). Angered at what could happen, the two crew men race to the interrogation room to prevent what looks like a sexual assault. In the melee that follows, the main interrogator is killed after being pushed accidentally onto a bolt that pierces his head. Cain reveals how she crossed the path with Galactica. She had been following two Base stars protecting an unrecognised spaceship. She wants to investigate what that ship they're protecting is and destroy it. Commander William Adama relunctantly agrees. Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) and his opposite Pegasus equivalent leave in a Colonial Raptor to investigate. Helo and Tyrol have been arrested and taken aboard the Pegasus for a quick trial to be sentenced to death for the death of the interrogator. Adama orders a raiding party to rescue his arrested crew members.

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Becca KellyBen StarkBilly KeikeyaBoxeyBrendan 'Hotdog' Constanza
Brother John CavilCally ( Battlestar )Capt. TroyCassiopeiaCoker Fasjovik
Colonel Jack FiskColonel Saul TighCpl. Galen TyrolD'anna BiersDaniel Graystone
Dr. CottleEllen TighHera AgathonJordan DuramJoseph Adama
Lacy RandLeoben ConoyLt. AthenaLt. DillonLt. Felix Gaeta
Lt. Louanne 'Kat' KatraineLt. Margaret `Racetrack` EdmondsonLuciferMotherPetty Officer Anastasia Dualla
President Laura RoslinPriestess EloshaRomo LampkinSam AdamaSamuel Anders
SerinaShannon AdamaShebaSimon O'NeillSister Clarice Willow
Tamara AdamaTom ZarekTomas VergisTory FosterZak Adama
Zoe Graystone    

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