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Andromeda - Phear Phactor Phenom

Epsiode Synopsis

Following unexplained activity in the Saloon which affected both Telemachus Rhade and Rebekah Valentine , the team investigate. Their analysis of why people went mad leads to the discovery of nanobots that were designed and built on Seefra-7. Dylan Hunt and Telemachus take a shuttle to the planet. It is not long before they discover Seamus Harper who tells them to leave. He's been working for Marika, a female scientist who wants to take control of Seefra through technology. The rest of the crew discover that Rommie was destroyed on the Arkology and all that remains is her head connected to a main computer. Marika takes her nanobots to Seefra and releases them. After a battle between Marika's goons and the Andromeda Ascendant crew, Dylan releases an antidote for the nanobots. Throughout the adventures, Trance is onboard the Ascendant talking to a someone who looks similar to her.

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