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Farscape - Picture if you Will

Epsiode Synopsis

After visiting a trader on a space station which has interlocking spheres, Chiana brings back to Moya a gift from the owner, a picture. The picture starts showing things that have not yet happened,. Chiana breaks her leg, her bracelet and finally being burnt to death. When the first two things happen, they just call it coincidence. In order to prevent her from being burnt alive, they put her in a freezer but that is no good. She disappears in flames. Not before long, the picture starts predicting the others death, first Captain Ka Dargo then John Crichton. Aeryn Sun and Rygel return to the station to find out what is happening. Crichton discovers Modas is behind this all along, he's exacting revenge from when they last met in 'That Old Black Magic.'. His target is not Crichton but Pau Zotoh Zhaan. Alone, Zhaan begins to crack up until it is her turn to enter the other realm for the final battle. Zhaan confronts Modas and whilst doing so, she manages to contact Aeryn and orders her to kill the stations owner. Aeryn obeys and escapes as the station self-destructs. The others manage to escape back to their normal realm as Modas's destructs.

Copyright: Henson

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