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Andromeda - Pieces of Eight

Epsiode Synopsis

Dylan Hunt has a conversation with Tri-Jema who warns Dylan about someone calling himself Citizen Eight and how he is a possible threat to the Systems Commonwealth. Tri-Jema warns that Eight is going get Tri-Jema removed the council and Dylan Hunt to stand down from command of the Andromeda Ascendant.

Citizen Eight has a priestess who is able to read the future and predicts that Dylan Hunt will betray the Commonwealth. Dylan Hunt is sent to visit the Citizen. Whilst investigations are carried out, Seamus Harper has to oversee maintenance of the Andromeda Ascendant. The robots that are sent to do the work are two blonde hair female robots with revealing cleavage. Seamus can't believe his luck and dreams about having fun with them before the holographic Rommie interrupts him.

Dylan Hunt, Rebekah Valentine and Rommie visit the space station to meet with the Citizen. After visiting the Citizen, Dylan and his two female colleague go to visit the Priestess who predicts the future. Dylan is trouble with what the Priestess has to say and the three have to run for it.

Later on, Beka causes a scene to allow Dylan and Rommie to get into a secure location. However they are captured but are soon released. Dylan was trying to find out what some food source was made.

The Citizen has a meeting with the Spirit of the Abyss who implies that the Andromeda shouldn't leave.

Dylan and his colleagues return to the Ascendant and leave but the Citizen doesn't want them to. The two female robots are arrested as they had infected Rommie's databanks. Citizen sends robot ships after the Ascendant which Dylan fires on and destroys. Dylan returns to the station and confronts the Citizen, eventually killing him.

Dylan has another video talk with Tri-Jema to explain what had gone on. Trance Gemini reveals to Dylan Hunt that something is coming but she doesn't what exactly.

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