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Pitiless as the Sun - Andromeda

Epsiode Synopsis

The crew of the Andromeda Ascendant are asked by the Inari to help them as one of their ships has been destroyed by an unknown enemy. Dylan Hunt is wary to get involved but after a little persuasion from Rebekah Valentine and Seamus Harper, Dylan agrees to help.

Trance Gemini visits the Inari home world after being invited by Major Whendar who was one of the two people who persuaded Dylan to get involved. The Inari are a xenophobic race of people which the Inari hope that Trance will be able to help change minds.

Trance Gemini is met by Professor Logitch who pretends to be friendly with Trance, first locking her in a room which he says is for her safety. However later in the episode, it is revealed that Logitch had other plans, he drugs her and plans to experiment on her. Trance manages to stay alive by being kind and sweet with the Professor and survives. Professor Logitch is played by William B. Davis best known as the Smoking Man in X-Files.

The Ascendant comes under attack and Dylan discovers that the attackers are Pyrians, an alien race that are not too dissimilar from floating jellyfish who live and breathe in a green toxic environment.

Rommie discovers what is happening and offers Wendell's colleague the chance to come clean on why the Pyrians are attacking. Eventually, Lieutenant Gadell comes clean and explains they were drug runners that made their living by drugging the Pyrians.

Dylan, Rebekah and the two Inari's representatives leave the Ascendant in the Eureka Maru where they destroy the drugs that they had been holding in the hope of getting the Pyrians to back off which is seemingly does.

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