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Andromeda - Point of the Spear

Epsiode Synopsis

The Andromeda Ascendant is in orbit round the planet of Samsarra when Dylan Hunt orders Pyrian atmosphere converters be destroyed. The result of the destruction causes a large Pyrian battlegroup to appear. The Pyrian's leader is a young woman who orders Dylan to leave which he declines. The last time the Pyrians were seen, they didn't look human, they had tentacles.

Rebekah Valentine is tasked with breaking in a few new recruits. One of the recruits is Lt. Bowlus, played by Paul Campbell, better known for his role as Billy Keikeya in Battlestar Galactica. The breaking in involves talk and taking the group out in slipfighters to deal with the Pyrians. Although Bowlus survives, another of the group who we are introduced to doesn't.

Trance Gemini doesn't feel well and leaves the bridge with Tyr Anasazi following her as he doesn't believe is that unwell. Tyr confronts Trance Gemini multiple times in the episode, both onboard the Ascendant and later on the Eureka Maru.

Dylan orders the evacuation of the planet which seems to be going well. When all but one ship has evacuated, the Commonwealth back up team arrive and engage the Pyrians. Tyr takes the Eureka Maru to rescue a medical ship where he confronts Trance Gemini for a second time.

One the Eureka is back, Rommie discovers that a message is being transmitted out from the Ascendant. Tyr confronts Trance Gemini and threatens her. Later, Dylan confronts Trance and demands her loyalty. Trance reveals that her kind has told her that the planet must be held otherwise all is lost against the Magog Worldship.

When the battle is becoming unwinnable, Dylan blows up the planet and the Pyrians concede. The title of the episode refers to how Dylan describes how the negociations will go, an olive branch shaped in a point of a spear.

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