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Precipe - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

In the aftermath of the suicide bombing of the passing out parade of New Caprica Police, (Occupation) the NCP round up all those they believe are behind the Insurgency include Cally ( Battlestar ) while her husband Cpl. Tyrol is away planning the next attack.

The resistance have managed to get a signal to a Colonial Raptor which is parked outside the atmosphere of New Caprica. This in turn prompts Commander William Adama to order a small team of soldiers to include Lieutenant Sharon Valerii to land on the planet to meet up with the resistance much to Captain Lee Adama displeasure.

The Insurgents launch a new suicide bombing on the Cylon prompting the Cylons to retaliate by executing a large number of people that include Cally, President Laura Roslin and Tom Zarek. Doctor Gaius Baltar refuses to sign the execution order but his subconscious takes over and he signs the order.

When the humans are taken away to be executed, Cally is released. The landing party and a resistance party led by Samuel Anders meet up.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeOccupation
Next EpisodeExodus

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