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After astronaut John Crichton says his farewells to his father Jack Crichton and the team that helped him pursue his dream, he launches into space. The experiment to use the Earths gravitation pull to fire him into space works and he is pulled through a wormhole to a distant part of the universe.

On exiting the wormhole Crichton immediately hits another ship causing the other craft to crash into an asteroid. John's ship, Farscape is pulled onboard the Leviathan Moya where he meets the crew. John finds he is unable to communicate with the crew until they insert a language translator into him. John was brought aboard the Moya in the hope that the ship would be of some use to those inside.

After a brief meeting with the crew, he's knocked out and wakes up in a prison without his clothes. After finding some clothes, he tries to make friends with Aeryn Sun who's a sebacean. sebaceans are human in form but their tolerance to the weather is weaker than that of humans. Their introduction to one another isn't friendly and Aeryn beats John up. Over dinner, John copies Aeryn in hiding a fork up his sleeve, unlike Aeryn, John isn't caught.

The two humanoids make their way off the craft after breaking out of the prison which they are returned to after dinner. Captain Ka Dargo gives chase and catches up with them. A Peacekeeper force led by Bialar Crais captures the fugitives. Under Peacekeeper rules, contact with unknown alien species means that a peacekeeper is infected until deemed safe. Crais turns against Aeryn and orders that the three be taken away. Once Crais has left, John is able to break free and release his fellow captives, Aeryn and D'argo. D'argo reluctantly agrees to allow Aeryn to join the rest of the crew of the Moya. Using knowledge gained from his studies on Earth, he instructs Aeryn how to escape from the oncoming Peacekeeper battle cruiser which works.

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