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The crew of Moya on board Captain Ka Dargo's craft finally catches up with Moya and boards Moya. John Crichton is the first to leave the ship where he comes face to face with Aeryn Sun wearing a black leather suit very much like the suit Scorpius wears. Aeryn makes John promise not to shoot the person who helped her survive her illness. On agreeing, Scorpius makes an appearance. John calls for backup from Ka D'argo and Chiana. After Crichton agrees not to kill Scorpius, Chiana takes Aeryn away to get medical treatment. Scorpius is shown his new quarters,

Onboard Commandant Mele-On Grayza battle cruiser, final preparations are made to a fighter craft that will carry a missile that will destroy Moya. Captain Meeklo Braca volunteers for the mission and leaves the safety of the battle cruiser.

Moya is approached by a massive light craft that moves when Moya moves. The captain of the Ullom craft tells them that Aeryn has an infection that will kill her unless she is given an antidote.

John and D'argo visit the Ullom ship where they find out that Aeryn assassinated one of Ulloms leaders and must die. Whilst retreating from Ullom's planet, Aeryn was infected with a disease that affects Sebacean internal temperature control. In return for the name of the person who hired Aeryn, the antitode will be given. When D'argo tries to paralyse Ullom, it turns out that who they were talking to was an illusion, the realm Ullom is hidden somewhere else on the ship. Crichton and D'argo return empty handed.

Scorpius has a spy onboard Grayza's ship who warns them of the craft that is being piloted by Braca. Sikozu tells her colleagues that Ulloms ship has a disguise and is smaller than it appears, it can be programmed to look like whatever they want including a Leviathan.

Crichton, Sikozu and D'argo return to Ulloms ship to hand over Aeryn but its a trap and they manage to disarm the crew and get the cure from Ullom. Sikozu changes the appearance of Ulloms ships and makes for a hasty exit. Whilst Crichton was on board the other ship, Moya had shut herself down and pretended to be dead so that Braca would target and destroy the other ship. Crichton, Aeryn, Sikozu and D'argo exit the ship and return to Moya.

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