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Star Trek - Voyager - Prototype

Epsiode Synopsis

USS Voyager discovers a robot in the middle of space. The robot is beamed on board and B'elanna Torres and Harry Kim set to work to bring the robot back on line. The Robot reveals that is it grateful and believes that B'elanna is a creator who created them. B'elanna tells him she isn't.

When Voyager discovers the robots space ship, B'elanna takes the robot to the transporter to see him off. Before the robot is beamed onto the ship, the robot knocks B'elanna out and transports both him and her to the ship. The ships shields are raised preventing Voyager from beaming B'elanna back.

On board the robots ship, the Robot she resurrected demands that B'elanna bring his colleagues back to life. The robots want B'elanna to make more of them, she starts creating new robots from what is left over.

Another robots ship appears and tells Captain Kathryn Janeway the history. The robots were built to fight a war and when peace was brokered, the Robots turned on their makers (the Pralor and Cravic) and wiped them out. The Robots believed their creators would wipe them out which they didn't want.

A shuttle pod piloted by Tom Paris is able to sneak close to the robot ship and teleport B'elanna off the ship.

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