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Rapture - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Following on from the events of what happened in Eye of Jupiter, the Battlestar Galactica 2003 and four Cylon Basestar are still facing off on one another. Commander William Adama orders a nuclear strike on the planet when its discovered that the Cylons have launched Cylon Raiders to the planet. When all but one Raider retreats back from the surface, Adama orders that the nuclear weapons be put on hold.

When Samuel Anders rejects Captain Lee Adama order, Apollo orders Petty Officer Dualla to rescue her love rival Lieutenant Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) who has crashed on the planet because Samuel is needed elsewhere.

Caprica-Sharon gets her husband Lieutenant Helo to shoot her so that she can get uploaded into a new body on board a basestar so that she can rescue their daughter Hera. Commander Adama is disappointed at the action given how much Caprica-Sharon knows of the battle plans of the Galactica. When Caprica-Sharon wakes up, she implies that she knows a lot of information that could be of use to the Cylons. Once the re-generation process has finished, Caprica-Sharon is shown her daughter and is able to calm Hera down. When Battlestar-Sharon implies she is going to kill Hera, a Number Six clone kills Battlestar-Galactica. Number Six persuades Caprica-Sharon to take her with her.

On the planet, Adama orders that the Temple of the Eye of Jupiter is blown up and Cpl. Tyrol takes a long time to deal setting up the charges and retreats from the Temple. Once they have left, Doctor Gaius Baltar along with a D'anna Briers and a John Cavill enter and disarm the explosives. As the star goes supernova, D'anna sees a vision of who the last five models are but dies before she can reveal who they are to Gaius. When Gaius dams everything because he wanted to know if he was a Cylon model, he is pistol whipped over the head by Cpl. Tyrol who takes him back to the Galactica.

All the ground support staff return to the Galactica as the star finally goes supernova. Tyrol is able to work out what everything means about the Eye of Jupiter. Caprica-Sharon returns to Galactica along with Hera and a Number Six clone.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeThe Eye of Jupiter
Next EpisodeTaking a Break From All Your Worries

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