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V - Reflections in Terror

Epsiode Synopsis

Its Christmas but not everyone is happy and looking forward to presents. An old woman has struck a deal with Diana that if she gets blood DNA from Elizabeth Maxwell the the old woman will get her husband back. The old woman gets the blood but Diana reneges on the agreement, instead Diana chooses to have the old woman as Christmas dinner.

The DNA is so that Diana can create a clone of Elizabeth so that she can come up with a cure for the Red Dust that still exists in the atmosphere. The clone breaks free from its incubator and goes on the run in the hope of meeting the real Elizabeth. Diana assigns a tracker to track down the clone.

Kyle Bates love triangle with Elizabeth and Elizabeth's mother, Robin Maxwell comes to a head when Robin catches Kyle and Elizabeth kissing. Robin is upset at the apparent deceit of Elizabeth.

This episode marks the return of Chris Faber who is helping orphans escape from the Visitors clutches. Chris calls on the help of Ham Tyler and Mike Donovan to help him.

At the end of the episode, it is Ham Tyler who dresses up as Santa Claus.

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