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Relativity - Farscape

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Hiding out on a jungle/swamp planet, Xhalax Sun arrives with three Colartas, expert alien trackers. Xhalax kills one of the Colartas soon after getting out of the craft. The Moya crew decide to lead the Retrieval Squad away from Talyn and keep them away whilst the Leviathan recuperates. Both teams split into two, Aeryn Sun tracks down her mother whilst the other two attempt to track the Trackers. Aeryn catches up with her Mother and takes her back to Talyn. Once both Suns are onboard, Xhalax is able to escape from her rope handcuffs. She manages to overpower both Stark and Aeryn.

The video that was made when Xhalax told her daughter why she was created is show but the mother chooses to ignore it and leaves the ship. Crais is injured in a fight so he has to rely on John Crichton to help him out. They fall into a pool of liquid which smells bad enough to protect them from those pursuing. After staggering a little more, they pause when John gets a vision from Scorpius. Scorpius tells John that Crais is not telling the whole truth so John ties up Crais and leaves him. When the Colartas trackers arrive, John watching from camouflage spears the two trackers, picks up Crais and leaves. One of the Colartas is killed, the other gets up and continues the search. When the Colartas catches up with the two men, Aeryn catches up with her mother. Both groups fight it out, eventually John and Crais suffocate the alien, John then helps disarm Xhalax. Xhalax tells her daughter that she must be killed otherwise the hunt for her daughter by her will continue. Aeryn doesn't want to do it so Bialar Crais takes the gun and points whilst John takes Aeryn away from the scene. Once the deed has been done, they leave the planet.

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