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Star Trek - Voyager - Repression

Epsiode Synopsis

Paris takes Belanna to the holodeck decked out as a cinema to watch an old black and white film. The cinema surrounding proves too authentic, the bubble gum on the ground and people sushing them. When they remove the other people in the cinema, there's one other person apart from them in the room. The two crewmembers investigate and discover that the person is unconscious. The person has been attacked. Tuvok leads the investigation into who did the attack. Another attack occurs then another. As Chakotay discovers Belanna in the shuttle bay, he is attacked by Tuvok. Tuvok snaps out of what is happening to him and owns up to Janeway who is in the holodeck. Captain Kathryn Janeway confines Tuvok to the brig.

The crewmembers who had attacked, all ex-Marquis personnel begin waking up including Belanna Torres and Chakotay. Cornered in the Brig, Tuvok seizes a communicator and instructs Chakotay to begin the take-over of the ship. The ex-Marquis crewmembers revert to their pre-Starfleet customs. When Chakotay orders Tuvok to kill Janeway, he is unable to, instead regains the self-control he needs to return the ship back to as it was. Before coming aboard the Voyager, Tuvok spent time with the Marquis. During this time, he was captured by a Bajoran who was into mind controlling. The Bajoran took control of his subconsciousness. A signal hidden inside a communique sent to the USS Voyager activated the subconscious.

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