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Star Trek - Voyager - Resistance

Epsiode Synopsis

An away team from USS Voyager travel down to a planet controlled by a faction called the Mokra. Whilst waiting for Neelix to conclude a trade deal to buy some tellerium, the group ( Tuvok and B'elanna Torres ) are taken away and held prisoner. Captain Kathryn Janeway is rescued by Caylem, a man who believes Janeway is his daughter.

With the realisation that their crew members have been captured, Chakotay brings Voyager out of hiding and hails the planet to explain and find out what is happening. The contact on the planet Augris agrees to help them. Unbeknown to Chakotay, Augris is interrogating the members of the away team.

Janeway with the help of Caylem break into the prison where her crew mates are being held to rescue them. A landing team led by Tom Paris arrives on the planet to give assistance to Janeway.

Augris captures Caylem and reveals Caylems wife died twelve years ago. Caylem lunges at Augris, killing Augris and also is fatally wounded himself.

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