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Resurrection Ship (Episode) - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1

Lieutenant Kara Thrace returns back from her mission to investigate the mysterious ship that Admiral Helena Cain told Commander William Adama when they first met in the previous episode. When she returns, she discovers the Colonial Vipers from both the Battlestar Galactica 2003 and Battlestar Pegasus 2003 are locked in a stand-off which neither Adama nor Cain are willing to give the order to attack.

The craft, the Blackbird uploads pictures that she taken of the mysterious ship that had been following the Galactica. Impressed with the pictures and bravery that Starbuck had shown and is promoted to Captain of the fleet.

Doctor Gaius Baltar is still trying to get the Number Six clone to speak when Helena walks in and beats up the clone. When Admiral Cain leaves, the clone attacks Gauis Baltar briefly before settling down. Baltar manages to get some clothes for the prisoner, before all the Six had was a dress covering her top part down to her legs. Gauis finds out about the ship that Cain is so determined to destroy.

Adama apologises to the Lieutenant Sharon Valerii clone prisoner and promises her justice will be done before the prisoner is returned to her cell.

Cpl. Tyrol and Lieutenant Helo are holed up on board the brig of the Pegasus when they get a visit from Captain Lee Adama who tells the situation that their executions has been put off until the mission has gone ahead.

Baltar tells the leaders that the ship that Cain is interested in is a Resurrection Ship which if destroyed will be unable to retrieve memories from dead Cylon and dead will mean dead for them.

Both Cain and Adama plot the assassinations of each other. Cain refers to her loyal soldiers as Razors which are described and shown in Razor.

Part 2

The episode starts with Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) floating on water then we see him floating in space having been ejected from the craft. The episodes returns to 48 hours before we see Lee in space.

Cpl. Tyrol and Lieutenant Helo are still in the Pegasus brig when Pegasus soldiers enter and threaten them. Tyrol challenges them to come and repeat what they were saying and the challenge is accepted. The two prisoners are tied up as the Pegasus soldiers beat the two prisoners up. The fighting stops when Jack Fisk walks into the prison and orders the fighting to stop.

The crews of the two Battlestars are preparing for battle, the mission is to go in and attack the Resurrection Ship so that it can't jump out of the way then send in the two Battlestars to destroy the ship and the Cylon Basestars that protect it. The Resurrection ship is to be disabled by Lee Adama who'll then signal for the fleet to move in and destroy the rest of the ships. Whilst the battle is to take place, Lieutenant Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) is onboard the Battlestar Pegasus 2003 waiting for the order to assassinate Admiral Helena Cain. Colonel Jack Fisk, the Executive Office of the Pegasus is waiting onboard the Galactica, waiting for the order to assassinate Commander William Adama.

Lee's solo missions is a success, he manages to fly to the Resurrection ship, disable it and escape. As Lee is leaving the fight area, he collides with a Colonial Viper and has to eject. For the rest of the fight, Lee is a bystander, watching the fight and hallucinating. He is picked up by a Colonial Raptor rescue team and taken back to the Galactica.

After the fight, everyone congratulates one another. Kara and Fisk are waiting for the command to assassinate the other captain but both would be assassins are stood down.

Doctor Gaius Baltar helps the Number Six on board the Pegasus to escape. The Number Six clone locates and shoots Cain dead. Colonel Fisk is promoted captain of the Pegasus.

President Laura Roslin promotes Commander Adama to be the new Admiral of the fleet.

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