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Battlestar Galactica - Retribution

Epsiode Synopsis

The episode takes place over a whole day and throughout the whole day, it is raining. The episode begins with a group of Soldiers of the One planning on bombing Caprica City space port in the hope of killing Sister Clarice Willow. The plan falls apart when Lacy Rand is caught by the police and a gun fire ensues. The bomb is not left behind. As the terrorists leave, the bomb is thrown out of the car and the terrorists drive on.

Daniel Graystone uses Sam Adama and Joseph Adama in order to get his company back with the boards backing. He uses the boards own secrets against them and it causes one of the board to commit suicide. The person's wife tries to confront Daniel but Daniel just drives past.

Clarice goes after the people who tried to kill her at the space port. The only person of the Soldiers of the One group left is Lacy Rand who Clarice decides to leave alive.

Special Agent Jordan Durham who is investigating the terrorist attacks confronts both Clarice and Amanda Graystone about the terrorism. Jordan plans a seed in Amanda consciousness that makes Amanda think that Clarice is part of the terrorist group. Amanda gets a gun to confront Clarice but doesn't carry it out.

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