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Battlestar Galactica - Revelations

Epsiode Synopsis

Soon after D'anna Briers has been returned to her Cylon Basestar than she takes over the craft. She holds the President Laura Roslin and the other Galactica guests hostage and demands of Commander William Adama that the final five Cylons are handed over. If the final Cylons are not handed over, people will be executed. D'anna wants the five to come over on their own persuasion and so doesn't reveal their identities.

When William returns to the Battlestar Galactica, he tells Lee Adama who is acting president what they want. Tory Foster persuades Lee to allow her to go over to the Basestar so that she can give the president her medication which she allows. In fact, Tory is using the medication ruse to go across to the Cylon side. Tory is as gives the doctor the medication. Its too everyone's surprise that Tory is a Cylon.

Col. Saul Tigh reveals to William Adama that he's a Cylon. William struggles to accept what he has been told. Whilst William is in shock, Lee takes over the handling of the crisis. He puts Saul in an air lock and threatens to up the ante with D'anna by threatening to kill him.

Samuel Anders and Cpl. Tyrol are puzzled by Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck )'s Raptor which they believe has a clue to where Earth is. When they get Starbuck to the ship, colonial marines arrest Anders and Tyrol and take him them to the airlock. Kara stays with her Colonial Raptor to try to work it out. Eventually, Kara works it out and runs to the airlock where Tigh is about to be spaced but prevents Lee from releasing him.

D'anna comes across to the Galactica where they agree to work together to travel to Earth. Laura gives the order to jump to Earth. When they arrive, William Adama gives a rousing speech to say that they have arrived. When they travel down to the planet, they discover its a scorched planet, no life. The world is apocalyptic.

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