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Star Trek - Voyager - Revulsion

Epsiode Synopsis

USS Voyager responds to a distress signal from an alien space craft. All that is left on board the craft is a hologram called Dejaren. Doctor and Belanna Torres travel to the alien spacecraft to offer help. Things begins calm and peaceful before the hologram starts to behave and threatens the two rescuers. Dejaren turns on the rescuers and tries to kill B`elanna but the Doctor is able to deactivate the hostile hologram once and for all.

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Associated Characters

Captain Kathryn JanewayChakotayHarry KimKesNeelix
Seven of NineTom ParisTuvok  

Associated Aliens

MokraNezuOcampanSpecies 8742Talaxian
TaresiansThe SwarmTrabeVidiian 

Associated Spaceships

Delta Flyer    

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