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Rhapsody in Blue - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

John Crichton wakes up in bed with his Earth girlfriend but they realises it was a dream when he really wakes up. Moya is on a course to a distant planet, one that the crew hadn't set for her. Pilot tells them that Moya believes there's a pregnant leviathan out there in need of their help. When they get their, they discover the signal was coming from a group of Delvians. Aeryn Sun , John Crichton and Pau Zotoh Zhaan visit the surface and enter the Delvian temple. Inside John's dreams are becoming reality, he is experiencing physical touch with the girlfriend. Aeryn is not wanted so she returns to the space ship. The Delvians are using the image of John's girlfriend to control John whilst they use Zhaan. Zhaan before coming to Moya killed her boyfriend during sex which they wish to harvest to kill their planets leader. The team seem to be going so well until they get guilty conscions and decide enough is enough and tell the other members what the plan is . Zhaan and John perform Unity, the melting of two minds which the Delvian in charge of the group had done with Zhaan earlier.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeTill the Blood Runs Clear
Next EpisodeThe Flax

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