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/ Star Trek - Voyager / Portal

Star Trek - Voyager - Rise

Epsiode Synopsis

USS Voyager is help Nezu scientists on the a planet when a message from one of the Nezu Scientists break up. The scientist Dr. Vatm says the asteroids that are hitting his planet aren't what they seem and he must get a message to his Ambassador. Captain Kathryn Janeway sends rescue parties to recover the scientist. A craft carrying Tuvok, Neelix and a scientist called Sklar crash lands.

Belanna Torres discovers the asteroids are artificial.

On the planet, the scientist Sklar is revealed to be a traitor and tries to thwart the efforts of Neelix and Tuvox as they try to get their party back off the planet.

The largest asteroids seems to be a Etanian Order ship and Janeway intercepts the craft ordering it to stop.

Tuvox and Neelix manage to escape the planets atmosphere and return to Voyager.

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