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Rose - Doctor Who

Epsiode Synopsis

Rose Tyler wakes up as normal and goes to work in a department store and sees her boyfriend at lunchtime. At the end of the day, she visits the warehouse to find the security but unfortunately for her, all she comes across are mannequins who want to kill her. The Doctor is on hand to give Rose a hand to get out of the place before he blows up the department store to kill the Autons.

Rose goes home and has no job to go to or do anything. Rose's mum suggests she sues for compensation as Rose could have died there or do interviews for cash. The Doctor turns up at Roses' flat and manages to persuade Rose to let her in. The Doctor's here for the Auton arm that Rose took from the scene last night. The arm comes to life, first to attack the Doctor then to attack Rose. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver on the arm to deactivate it. The Doctor leaves with the arm and returns to his Tardis with Rose accompanying him. Rose doesn't go into the Tardis, she turns away and when she does the Tardis disappears.

Rose has done some investigation on the Doctor and visits someone whose been researching the Doctor. The investigator is played by comedian Mark Benton. Mark shows Rose pictures of the Doctor throughout history.

Whilst Rose is inside talking to the investigator, Mickey Smith, Roses' boyfriend is his yellow beetle when he notices the outside plastic bin is moving. Mickey goes over to investigate the bin and when he touches it, the bin sticks to Mickey and he can't free himself. Eventually, Mickey is consumed by the bin.

When Rose comes out, Mickey is replaced by an Auton but Rose doesn't notice. The two go to a pizzeria where they order food. The Doctor is on hand to offer a bottle champagne for the two lovers but neither of them are interested. The Doctor fires the cork off at Mickey who consumes the cork then spits it out. The Doctor and the Auton fight it out in the restaurant before the Doctor manages to pull of the Autons head. The Doctor and Rose leave out the back way with the Doctor locking the door behind him with the sonic screwdriver.

The Doctor enters the Tardis but Rose is reluctant to do so but eventually does. Rose can't believe that it is bigger on the in side than the outside and has to take a couple of looks.

The Doctor takes the Tardis to the Embankment by the Thames in London. The Doctor is looking for a large wheel that is the transmitter that the Nestene is using to control the Autons. Rose notices just the item that could be the transmitter which turns out to be the London Eye. The Doctor agrees and they locate where the Nestene Collective is, its under the embankment. Rose finds that Mickey is still alive being held hostage by the Nestene. The Doctor tries to reason with the Collective but it doesn't work. Two Autons capture the Doctor forcing Rose to swing into action and push the Autons into the Nestene. One of the Autons is holding the anti-plastic which would kill the Nestene. When the anti-plastic is dropped into the Nestene, the Nestene is killed.

Outside in London whilst the Doctor and Rose are dealing with the Nestene, mannequins in shops are coming alive and shooting people. Roses' mum is caught up in the crossfire. Also caught up is the Investigator played by Mark Benton.

Eventually, everyone returns to the surface, Mickey is shaken for what has happened. The Doctor offers to take Rose on an adventure, Mickey begs her to stay. The Doctor leaves with the Tardis then returns to tell Rose that the machine can travel in time as well as space and Rose agrees to go with him.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeDoctor Who - Survival
Next EpisodeEnd of the World

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was great, had to be different from the old shows, was a laugh but had the old thing about the totally unexpected, well done
a superb new start into the 21st century. the doctor is back and ce is my favorite one. the series is having style. i've seen some of the older eps and the dr-who-feeling was right there. hope they will keep the niveau. in my opinion much better than most up-to-date us-series.
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