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Sacrifice - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

During some relax and relaxation, Captain Lee Adama , Petty Officer Dualla, Ellen Tigh and Billy Keikeya are caught up in a hostage situation at a bar onboard the Cloud 9 space craft. The patrons in the bar are held hostage by Sesha Abinell and her colleagues. Sasha's husband was blown out of an hole in a space ship when the Cylon attacked. She has heard that a number 8 (Lieutenant Sharon Valerii ( Boomer > clone is being held prisoner and she wants the clone dead.

When the hostage taking starts, Lee takes Ellen into the toilet to hide. Whilst the terrorists are unaware of Lee, he uses Ellens drink to fool the ships computers to believe that there is an air leak. Sesha demands someone come and take a look.

Commander William Adama tasks Lieutenant Kara Thrace to resolve the situation. Starbuck goes into the hostage area as an air repair specialist but during the attempt to rescue the hostages, Lee is shot by Starbuck.

Adama agrees to the wishes of the terrorists and hands over a dead Sharon. Just before the marines storm in, Billy tries to be a hero and resolve the situation but he is shot. Also in the episode, Dualla turns her back on Billy who had indicated he wanted to marry Dualla but Dualla still in love with Lee.

Episode Details

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