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Saga of a Star World - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

Saga of a Star World in addition to being a three part episode on television, was made into a shortened television film. The episode tells of the attack of the Cylons and the subsequent flee of the remaining colonists.

The episode begins at a peace conference between the colonists and the Cylon representative Count Baltar. It is expected that the war that has been raging for years is now being brought to an end.

Capt. Apollo and his brother Zak on his first mission discover a Cylon attack group hiding in a cosmic cloud but it is only Apollo who is able to make it back because Zak's engines are damaged. The Cylons are jamming communications and therefore Apollo is unable to warn the fleet properly. Commander Adama orders his Battlestar Galactica to make emergency manoeuvres to avoid the attack. The President of the colonies refuses to give an action stations command which costs him dealing. Count Baltar persuades the President to not do anything that might cause problems for the peace conference.

The Cylons launch a devastating attack on the colonies with the Colonial fleet unable to react. We see the attack place on Caprica, the planet that features heavily in the original and the re-imagined series. We see Serina trying to present on the peace celebrations on Caprica with her son Boxey but it turns into a war presentation.

Adama and his son go down to the planet to see the destruction for themselves and they are confronted by angry survivors. Adama tells the survivors what has happened and tells them to pack up their stuff as they need to flee the planet. The word goes out across the planets and a convoy of ships join up with the Battlestar Galactica to leave the Colonial space.

Part 2

The voyage to find Earth has begun. During this episode, the crew of the Galactica carry out inspections of the space ships in the convoy. It is here that Lieutenant Starbuck first meets Cassiopeia when Cassiopeia interprets Geminise for Starbuck. Starbuck takes a liking to Cassiopeia and manages to get her off the Gemini space cruiser where it is all packed with survivors. The other Geminons don't like Cassiopeia because she's a socialator, a euphemisms for either a prostitute or an escort.

Capt Apollo gets close to Serina as her son Boxey is withdrawn. Apollo tries to lift the boys spirits up but he doesn't succeed until later when Apollo introduces the boy to his net pet Muffet. During the Cylon attack, Boxey's pet dog was killed during the Cylon attack and Apollo was able to find a robotic replacement for the pet with a mind of his own.

The Quorum of the Twelve, the elected officials of the colony plan the next route and they wish to go through one and Adama another. Capt. Apollo steps in and volunteers himself, Starbuck and Lieutenant Boomer to clear the way through a minefield The operation to lead the way through the minefield works and they manage to arrive at Carillon.

Part 3

The colonists travel down to the planet and find a casino where everyone is unable to loose. The colonists enjoy some rest and relaxation and entertainment. Starbuck sees his chance at making a quick buck with a couple of singers who faces have four eyes and two mouths.

Boxey and Muffet visit the planet with Apollo and when the vehicle that they are travelling in stops, Boxey and Muffet leave the vehicle. Boxey and Muffet disappear after running off. They are later returned to Apollo by the Ovion bug-like alien life forms that have taken up residence on the planet.

Adama is suspicious of what is going on and colludes with Col. Tigh to send down decoys instead of colonial pilots down to the planet.

Starbuck notices that some of the people wearing the military uniform aren't people in their groups and notifies Apollo. The two colonial pilots investigate and hack the lifts to take them to the bottom floor. On the bottom floor, the two colonial pilots discover the Cylons are at work. They alert everyone and pandemonium ensues as everyone attempts to escape as the Cylons approach.

The Colonists manage to get off the planet but Starbuck and Apollo hang back so that they can lure the Cylon Basestar down to the planets orbit and therefore explode due to the volatility of chemicals on the planet and on the basestar.

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