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Scattered - Battlestar Galactica

Epsiode Synopsis

With William Adama critical after being shot by Lieutenant Sharon Valerii, Col. Saul Tigh takes charge. Captain Lee Adama is thrown in the Brig. With the appearance of a Cylon Basestar , Tigh orders a star jump. The coordinates are set to the other ships but something goes wrong, the wrong coordinates have been sent. Galactica jumps to different coordinates to everyone else. In order to rendezvous with the rest of the fleet, they jump back to the where they last saw the fleet to calculate where everyone else went. To calculate the coordinates, a computer with a Cylon virus needs to be reconnected to the main systems. Colonial Vipers are despatched to fight the Cylon fighters to protect the ship until the coordinates have been calculated. Tigh has flashbacks of when he and William Adama were younger.

The crew of Kobol regroup after crashing then move away to safety. After a while travelling, they discover that discover they've left a medikit behind. Tarn is ordered by the team chief to go back and retrieve the kit. They return to the crash site and pick up the medikit with no difficulties. On the way back to the rest of the team, they are ambushed and Tarn is killed.

Lieutenant Helo and Lieutenant Kara Thrace loose their way back to Galactica after Boomer steals it back for the Cylons. They move off away from the museum as Cylon patrols will now have been alerted to their presence.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeKobols Last Gleaming
Next EpisodeValley of Darkness

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