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Scratch and Sniff - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

John Crichton, Captain Ka Dargo, Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis and Chiana visit a planet for a bit of Rest and Relaxation. They spend the time in the bar getting friendly with the planets inhabitants. After befriending two females, they fall asleep and wake up to find they've been semi-stripped and are in a shop window with Crichton wearing suspenders. A small alien Raxil ( incidentally played by Francesca Buller aka Mrs Browder ) watches with amusement along with everyone else. How they get their clothes isn't explained as the story is being told to Pilot by Crichton onboard Moya. They hide out in a tent where they meet Raxil who says she'll help them if they help her. She takes the two men to an Hangi whose trunks can show them what happened back when they were in the bar. When they look through, they see Jools and Chiana enjoying themselves along with two humans, one is Fetor. Raxil explains who these humans are and where to find them. D'argo bursts into the penthouse where he find Jools in the bath and Chiana enjoying herself who tells him to leave. After the visit by D'argo, Jools is led away from the penthouse to a small room. Fetor hooks Jools up to a machine to extract what looks like blood from the victim to use as a potion. The extract is called Freslin and is what makes someone attract another. The human decides not to extract Freslin from Chiana but put her up for auction. Crichton and D'argo return back to the Hangi and look round the main hall. Scorpius turns up which D'argo can know see. Crichton explains who Harvey is who then simmers down. Harvey tells Crichton all about the room which afterwards the two crew members leave to find the extraction chamber. After they stop looking through the trunk, Raxil blows into D'argo face some powder which when they go back to look through the trunk, Crichton can't believe what he's seeing. D'argos face has been altered a lot. They come back out of looking through the trunk so that D'argo can confront Raxil. She explains its only temporary and he must stay calm otherwise the disguise will wear off. The two men and Raxil enter the bidding arena where Chiana is the item to be bid. The bids for Chiana go very high. When Crichton asks to examine the merchandise , he gets very close to Chiana which makes D'argo loose his cool and his disguise. In the ensuing melee, Crichton frees Chiana and escape. They head towards the milking chamber where they free Jools. Fetor enters and is killed by Crichton who then escapes. Crichton finishes telling the story to Pilot who doesn't like it and gets angry forcing Crichton to retreat.

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