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Farscape - Season of Death

Epsiode Synopsis

On the ice planet below, Scorpius has Crichton on the surgical table, the mind device has been removed but he's on a state of death. Aeryn Sun is dead, frozen to death, in an icebox. Stark, Captain Ka Dargo and Pau Zotoh Zhaan visit the planet and locate John. D'argo stays with John whilst the other two head off to find Aeryn. Scorpius stays in the shadows, watching the events unfold by using a mind control. John Crichton is still haunted by Scorpius being a part of his memory. By accident, a Scarran in one of the freeze boxes is released and is out for Scorpius. Above is Crais in the battle Leviathan Talyn ready and willing to lend a hand. The Scarran's primary target is Scorpius but will only hunt John if it doesn't distract from his first target. Scorpius sends a soldier to rendezvous with a battle cruiser, Talyn gives chases and destroys what he believes contains Scorpius. When D'argo and John come face to face with the Scarran, the only exit is out into the cold. Zhaan and Stark locate the ice box containing Aeryn. Stark is knocked out by Zhaan so that she can perform Unity with Aeryn through the box. Getting through to Aeryn is easy but she soon pushing her friend away. Peacekeeper troops arrive and are about to kill the Moya crewmates when Aeryn wakes and comes to their rescue. Just as the Scarran is about to finish the two men, Aeryn blasts the creature.

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