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Self-Inflicted Wounds - Farscape

Epsiode Synopsis

Part 1 - Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda

A wormhole opens up in front of Moya and a craft comes out smashing into Moya. The aliens don't have internal language translators so they're implanted. The female is able to communicate but the male is confused and angry. Once the communications are sorted out, they get down to working out how to resolve the position. After being hit by the other ship, the two joined ships travel through the wormhole which seemingly has no end. The Earth flashes by witnessed by Pau Zotoh Zhaan. Zhaan is dying and her only hope would be a soiled planet but they're not going to get there if they're stuck in the wormhole. One of the cryo-chambers that Captain Ka Dargo and Aeryn Sun was moving before the crash defrosts and the alien inside, an Interon wakes up. Her screams when she's scarred can melt metal but does nothing to the living. The Interon reveals her name is Joolushko Tunai Fenta Hovalis, sometimes called Jools for short. John and Dominar Rygel XVI leave the Moya briefly to take readings. The episode ends with Crichton hanging onto dear life when a serpent appears.

Part 2 - Wait for the Wheel

Still travelling through the wormhole with the other ship connected, John's life handing by his finger tips isn't good news for the crew. After getting rid of the serpent, John Crichton is helped to his feet by Aeryn Sun and Captain Ka Dargo. Both crews come to conclusion that it is necessary to leave Moya as the ship is dying. Moya Crew realise that their new friends aren't friends afer all as they've been vandalising the ship. The aliens have invisibility capability enabling them to damage the ship without alerting anyone. Moya floods the corridors with green laser lights and shoot when the lines are broken. After despatching the aliens, Zhaan leaves Moya with the other ship to remove it.

Episode Details

Previous EpisodeSuns and Lovers
Next EpisodeDifferent Destinations

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