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Battlestar Galactica - Sine Qua Non

Epsiode Synopsis

President Laura Roslin is still missing, the Cylon Basestar that she was visiting hasn't returned. Natalie, the Number Six clone is now dead and Athena has been arrested. When Commander William Adama asks why Athena shot Natalie. Athena tells the President that she believed that Natalie was trying to kidnap Hera after seeing it in a vision. Athena is locked up.

Colonial Raptors are despatched to search for the Basestar but all they find is the remnants of a battle and a damaged raptor. When Colonial marines move over to the damaged raptor, they find the pilot is dead but no sign of the basestar that they are looking for.

The Quorum of the Twelve are trying to work out who should be the President. Tom Zarek says he should but there's resistance to that idea. Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) is tasked with coming up with a short-list of who it should be. Lee consults Romo Lampkin, the lawyer who Lee had previously worked with to get Dr. Gaius Baltar off the charge of murder on New Caprica. After all the consultations, Romo suggests that Lee take up the post because Lee always wanted the position.

Later on, Romo confronts Lee with a gun but Adama is able to defuse the situation. Lee visits Romo later and gives him a new pet, a dog to keep him company. Romo says he depises dogs more than cats.

Dr. Cottle reveals to William that the Number Six prisoner that they had is pregnant. William confronts Col. Saul Tigh regarding this and the two have a fight. At the end, Adama announces he is resigning his commission and handing over control to Saul. Adama is still not aware that Saul is a Cylon.

Adama leaves on a Colonial Raptor as the fleet makes another jump away.

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