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Battlestar Galactica - Six of One

Epsiode Synopsis

Following on from the previous episode, Lt. Kara Thrace ( Starbuck ) is holding President Laura Roslin hostage in her room. Col. Saul Tigh and Lt. Helo are on their way to resolve the situation one way or another. Kara challenges the President to shoot her and Laura relents and shoots off target and the marines storm in. Kara is arrested as Commander William Adama enters the room where she is then escorted to the brig.

On board a Cylon Basestar , representatives of all the clones are present at a meeting which Brother John Cavil has called. In the ensuing vote, Boomer, the actual clone that shot Adama in the first series switches sides and prevents Number Six from having her victory. Number Six is outraged but can't do anything about.

Tory Foster has taken a sudden interest in Dr. Gaius Baltar which doesn't go unnoticed by Gaius who approaches her at the cantina table. At that moment, an illusion in the form of Gaius himself appears instead of Number Six and starts talking in the same way as the six does. When Tory leaves, Gaius questions the illusion but is unable to get any straight answers. Later on, Gaius and Tory make love.

Its Capt. Lee Adama ( Apollo ) last day as a soldier and the squadron including his dad are having a celebratory drink before Lee embarks on a new job. Later on, he is given a full military send off by the squadron.

Humiliated from earlier, the Number Six returns to those who beat her in the vote with Centurions. She orders Brother to stop lobotomising the machines but he refuses. In the end, Number Six reveals she's altered the Centurions and orders them to kill those who had voted against her.

Kara is taken from the brid to where the Colonial Vipers are prepped for launch. Alongside them is Helo. Adama says she is go with a small group to where she believed she saw Earth and get evidence and then the Battlestar Galactica will be turned round.

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Brendan 'Hotdog' ConstanzaCally ( Battlestar )Capt. TroyCassiopeiaCoker Fasjovik
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