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Star-Crossed - Andromeda

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Dylan Hunt is unable to prevent the destruction of a freighter by Restorian fighters. Although the attacker was disabled, the attacker rammed and destroyed the freighter killing all those onboard except one who managed to escape. The Andromeda Ascendant picks up the survivor which turns out to be an android called Gabriel.

Rommie falls in love with Gabriel. In real-life, the same happened, Lexa Doig romanced Michael Shanks who played Gabriel. Lexa and Michael married in real-life and are still as of writing this (2017) are still together with children.

Seamus Harper is getting a bit jealous of the two androids getting close but there's not much he can do about it.

Dylan Hunt is contacted by a group of people representing the Free Trade Alliance. The F.T.A. offer up information about who is behind the Restorians. A warship called the "Balance of Judgment" is behind the Restorians. It turns out that the BoJ is a High Guard warship much like the Andromeda Ascendant. Dylan sets out to defeat the Balance of Judgement.

Gabriel used his romance as a cover to enable him to download a virus into Rommie to make her more susceptible. In addition to affecting the Ascendant, it also affected Rommie.

Andromeda Ascendant comes up against the Balance of Judgment and it turns out that Gabriel is a robot avatar for the Balance of Judgment. When the Balance of Judgment doesn't listen to reason, Dylan sets out to destroy the other ship using any means necessary. Dylan has to take to the Eureka Maru in order to defeat the Balance of Judgment, leaving Rommie and Gabriel behind otherwise the operation in Rommies view will compromise the operation.

The Eureka Maru sets a number of mines in front of the Balance of Judgment when its preoccupied and in doing manages to blow up the Balance of Judgment.

Dylan and the crew return to the Ascendant. Rommie says she wants to go with Gabriel whose she's fallen in love with. Dylan decides to allow Rommie to go but at the last moment, Rommie shots and kills Gabriel.

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When the Andromeda goes through a slip-stream to get to Terra Vedra, there is a malfunction and the Andromeda is sent into an alternate universe. Dylan meets an alternate version of himself. When he is told by the alternate Dylan that their universe is being ripped apart by a race called the Verrakians. The Verrakians are using a device called the Xon-Star Matrix to destroy time and space.
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